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August 06, 2011



How unfortunate that all of you have been puelld into this issue by the liberal elite.Take the time to look and see what this direction did when Spain tried to move into alternative energy.Lost thousands of jobs and cost the Gov. Billions. Look at where they are now-in default and going down the tube. Al Gore-great supporter of climate control-living in a 9,000 sq foot house and flies all around on a private jet.When are you all going to get it. Who is to benefit most by this G.E. Good old Jeffrey Immelt ,who destroyed G.E. stock and G.E. made 14 billion and did not pay one cent in taxes.The same company who closed down the light buld plant in Cleavland Ohio that made the the bulbs we all like and now force us to use bulbs we do not like but are made by G.E in China. Eight page report by the E.P.A on what you must do if one of these bulbs break,so you don't let the mercury in them spread.


Nobody wants it to be true so some people dissims the idea emotionally.Those against usually cite natural variations are causing the earth to warm up. Many of these favor solar variations; however the sun hasn't varied that much. Satellites have measured the sun's output very accurately for the last 3 solar cycles (approximately in 11 years in length). The net change is too small to measure. Scientists know a lot of natural variations but none of them can produce the current pattern of warming.If you want to see all the arguments, and why the errors, distortions, confusions and lies behind them, go to skeptical science.

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