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September 23, 2011



ENVIRONMENTAL LEGAL BLOGS: Obama Administration to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns ictbfxgiuseppe zanotti
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To clarify on meeusraments for Tailored Work Dress in GreyMeasurements:Size SPit to Pit: 15? (across) Waist: 14?(across)Hip: 15.5?(across) Lenght: 33.5? (down)Does this mean that the hip and pit to pit measurement is on one side only? is the hip measurement at the widest part of the hip?


I have lived in several other steats with varying climates and never got sick-just the occasional bug. I vacationed to AZ & NM every few years and loved it. Hiked and drove all over the steats and never got sick. Mind you, I never spent much time in Phoenix when vacationing. I finally moved to AZ in Maricopa County 05 and within months became very ill. I never had allergies to anything except pollen once in a while. I figured I needed time to adjust so I'm still here. It's now 08 and I'm still sick. I'm tired, I'm nauseous, very spacey things just don't click. I feel as if I've aged 20 years in 3. I look horrible and don't see things changing. It's almost as if there is some type of poison in the air. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but this has been my experience. I've always had a very sharp mind and was very quick and accurate and I feel like a flake out here. I have no explanation or reason for this and no proof but this is my experience. Other people seem to do fine out here but perhaps that is a false perception as well. In any event, I find myself with no energy to do the things I want, and when I get some energy and do go outside and do something fun, I pay for it dearly. My symptoms are almost like that of the flu but they die down in a 2 day period and then I just feel worn out or not myself . It's extremely hard to define, but I feel poisoned or drugged for lack of a better term. I get the feeling that people think I'm a hypochondriac which kills me because I was never like that. What is funny is that everyone in AZ denies pollution, they all say my allergies are bothering me or it's just my allergies . Everyone is ON something out here. They live at the drugstore. I do agree that a majority of the air problem in AZ is the excessive dust and chemicals hovering in the air due to lack of rain. But I think there is something more. What, I don't know but there is something out here that is really effecting a lot of people. What is sad is that I used to go outside everyday and had the energy of a 12 year old, worked out with weights and was in optimum physical condition and now, I cannot be outside for more than 3 hours or I have to call out of work deathly ill. In all of my previous jobs, I may have called out sick 1-3 days per year. This job I am out a lot. It's terrible. It generally takes me 72 hours to recover from outdoor activity. So, yes, I too want to get out of here and it's a shame. I love so much about Arizona and I've dreamed of living here for years, but I've discovered it's not a good place for me either- at least Maricopa County. Perhaps way up north is better but I cannot say. I can say that I think 3 years is enough time to adjust to any climate. The other consideration here is the traffic. It takes 1 hour to drive 26 miles on the freeway. Pretty sad. So, yes, I'm outta here too.


when it feels like things are geittng worse, they're not really geittng worse, your energy's just moving faster which means things are really geittng better and you're just more sensitive to it. Anytime I feel my vibration slipping I always repeat that line to myself and it brings me right back up. I've manifested some pretty cool stuff with LoA. My key is to get amped up!


jfal20 And if you get all of your information from masnitream media and it appears that a lot of you favor Fox and CNN, then you are uneducated fools and you are partly responsible for this mess were in.

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