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November 12, 2011



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se abre mediafire pero cnduao esta cargando como para tirar el link para bajarlo como que la paguina pega un salto y se reinicia...no me abre la ventana para bajarlo.Oscar Emerson


Most likely, soomene had it removed since people don't want the truth about the man made global warming to get out. Especially not when the rest of the World is about to win and have the United States cut it's own throat and pass legislation crippling manufacturing and energy production in the United States.

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Incredibly inspiring article, Thank you !?!

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Meteorologist and weather forecasting are sometimes as good as you predicting the winning lottery numbers. But never the less, global warming is something that we should all take very serious. A clear presence of global warning can be trace to the melting polar caps and the increase water level in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. We should all do our best to reduce global warming by recycling, driving cars that don't emit pollution, and by doing as much as we can to ensure a healthy planet for next generations to come.

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