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December 02, 2011


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No I think this was a pretty remtoe volcano and people usually don't die from volcanic eruptions unless they fly through the ash or something or the volcano creates a pyroclastic surge. If you don't know what a pyroclastic surge is, watch Dantes Peak The final eruption in the movie was a pretty decent representation of a pyroclastic surge. Or they probably have real footage of one here on youtube somewhere.


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Many people blnttaaly refuse to believe and accept the eternal existence of God. Why? Because they want to be god unto themselves; without boundaries, “my way fulfills all unrighteous desires.” Imagine a world without any Order, hmmm? No police? As flawed human government may be where do you suppose this innate knowledge or desire for order originate from? Jesus is the Creator and Ruler and Judge of the universe. Everyone will see Him, your doubts will be no more. Every knee shall bow…,


I would say that it is vastly over-stating the case to say that Eyjafjallajf6kull eriutpons have "triggered" subsequent Katla eriutpons. They have certainly coincided in time, and they are certainly close to each other. But 17 of the 20 known Katla eriutpons have had nothing to do with Eyjafjallajf6kull. I would think that the probability of a simple coincidence is not negligible.Still, the live seismic info is fascinating to check on, and it's certainly worth keeping an eye to see if Katla does anything. But I would not get too excited unless there are tens or hundreds of earthquakes in a 24 hour period.

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How is Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program keeping track of the Icelandic volcano?


Debbie - Thank you for sharing your eexnripece. Thanks to my grandchildren, I too learned that my idea of a wonderful vacation was much too constricted. I was somewhat disappointed in our trip to Disney World because it was hot and crowded and we spent more time at the house we had rented than we did at the amusement parks. But NO it was an AWESOME vacation according to the two GKs. Yes, they liked Disney, but what they have never stopped talking about is the pool and hot tub that came with the house and where we all spent the majority of the time we were in Orlando. I've tried to adjust my viewpoint to be as open and accepting as they are and I'm having much more fun!

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