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December 21, 2011



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businesses, homes, university dormitories and public facilities -- in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California.


Yes this would be a tub spout. Sorry the reason i rlealy don't cover this is because. there are so many different types, but I will in the future when time alow's. Some screw right off and some you need and Allen wrench to remove them, some are make for 1/2 inch pipe and some for 3/4, some slip on. I would recommend you take a picture of it with your ceil phone and take in to home depot,. Loews or ace hardware and may be some one there could tell you what type you have.

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It did turn out well except (there's ayawls an exception these last few days)After I refilled the tank and turned the breakers back on, the heater isn't doing anything. Nothing. Just a big tank full of cold water.At least it's not leaking.(FWIW I used two compression fittings because I didn't realize they made a compression fitting that would plug directly into the valve. Had I known that, I wouldn't have cut the pipe the way I did)


Everything can be done in the cabinet of the new vtainy as long as there is enough room. It will require a little ingenuity on your part. I would use braided steel flexible supply lines. You'll need measurements, but here you go. Get two short ones 3/8 x 3/8, hook this to the supply stop valve and then to a 3/8 compression tee, then hook your longer supply lines to the tee and then to the faucet these will be 3/8 x 1/2. For the drain you'll need some kitchen drain parts to make it work. You'll need (all this is 1 1/2 tubular-compression unions) two p-traps, a tee fitting and probably some extension tubes. Good luck. Contact me directly if you need further assistance.

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I followed your incsruttion as shown but after I did I noticed one of the rubber seat is shorter than the other, which side would the shorter one go? after the repair no more leak but so is the cold water? wife is asking me to buy a new faucet now. I don't know what happened but why did I lose the cold water?


The new tight fitting parts might make it much haedrr to get the valve body into the white guide slot. Requires a lot of down force to keep seated while screwing the cap. Thanks for the step by step guide. Even though I couldn't get it right for a while at least I knew the procedure and eventually got it seated while pushing down on the valve body for all I was worth. The lever is pretty tight now and takes a bit more force to turn on the water now but hey, no more leaky faucet!


maay be the pipe inside the fatecut may be plugged up if its steel pipes they rust some times forcing water up or hard water may plug it may try to replace it with copper but you may need to remve tile or dry wall from the back side


does the new valve have integral stops ? they are lltite screw driver slots on each side of the valve . one on the hot water side and one on the cold water side . make sure they are all the way open . also make sure you have both hot and cold water on as if it is a pressure balance valve you might not get flow out of the valve without pressure on both sides .Also make sure you have connected the water lines to the proper connections , not mistakenly connected them to the putlet sides of the valve body . what brand is the new valve ?

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