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December 16, 2011


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OK, Brian. So your assumption is that the ceganhs in the environment are beyond any human control. Also you don't what the short-term profits of business to suffer from any reasonable efforts to control environmental change. Why didn't you say so? I disagree with you. I think that men can obtain an understanding of climatolical change and avoid the worst sides of it. You simply think it is beyond human undersanding, so why try to avoid the possible disastor? I guess you will be praying to your god to save you from the likely coming disastor, right? I'll be trying to understant it, measure it, and avoid the worst sides of it. I'll especially be stopping the actions of those around me who are adding to the problem. What I won't be doing is putting my head in the sand and avoiding thinking about the problem.


* was that is not a surprise that gnmreovent funded studies and studies conducted by lobby groups such as the representatives of the petro-chemicals industry find the results that their patrons want them to find. The scientists know which side their bread is buttered on."But either way, claiming that there is concensus on global warming is wishful thinking." I didn't say that either, but I will now. There *is* a consensus on global warming. Consensus is "general agreement or accord", and there is general agreement among climatologists that global warming is a) occurring and b) in all probability being accelerated by human intervention. Sure, there are scientists who disagree, but the consensus has well and truly come down on the side of human causes.That said, acccurate science is not about consensus, it is about *facts* and being *right*. The "consensus" knew for hundreds of years that the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth until that crackpot Galileo proved them wrong. So, in any case, the consensus arguemnt gets us nowhere. Which is why I didn't advance it in the first place. I'll sill be sure to read your links though. The more information the better.

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