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February 19, 2012


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At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment. Come on!


According to the CDFA website on California coimdomty prices there were NO sales to CCC during this period. I don't remember the last time I saw a sale to CCC from California.

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I'm not easily impsresed but you've done it with that posting.

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Researchers announced that, in 2008 alone, children’s health problems associated with exposure to air pollution and toxic chemicals cost the nation $76 billion in medical bills and lost productivity. Such health issues include autism, ADD, asthma, mental disabilities, childhood cancers, and lead/mercury exposure.

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For world going green is more of a necessity than a choice

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Just like every other industry, going green has become a mantra among airlines, car rental companies and even hotel chains.


Thank you Ms. Belk. Coming from you, we consider that a great conmmilept. Should you ever decide to reside in Southport, we may take your busybody drivel seriously. Until then, we will gladly publish your comments to remind our audience how disabling ignorance can be.


I think you were rude to Julie and completely mitdouerssond her good intentions. It appears she was agreeing with you that there is a great problem here in Southport that doesn't help etc, etc. The y'all she was referring to was we (yes we ) citizens of Southport. My take is that she wasn't criticizing nofog but fully in step with you.

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The cost will be a persistent high unemployment rate and companies continuing fleeing the once Golden State.

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