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June 23, 2012


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Another great movement by the concerned citizens for the environment has come.This is good for the environment and in return for all of us.Such a move like this is very needed nowadays.


I just moved here from DC. The city required all stessreolling food to charge .05 cents for every bag they provided to acustomer. The grocery stores then gave away reusable bags for twoweeks. The bags had their store name on it so they got advertisingout of it. I still have them and I try to bring them and rememberto bring them into the store. Lots of times, i have to go back tothe car for them. WHY did they do this? The Anacostia River whichmeets the Potomac River in DC has been a dumping area for plasticbags. I was pleased to make this small contribution to cleaning iup the Anacostia. The money from the the .05 charge was used toclean up the Anacostia too. I hope we are moving to using only ourown bags. I wash mine periodically to avoid build up of germs. Ifeel better doing it and the permanent grocery bags carry mygroceries more efficiently. Thanks, Marian

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Just wanted you to know that tkhans to your One Small Change blog, my husband and I are going tomorrow (just happens to be Earth Day, of course) to the Garbage Garage. When I saw the pictures I knew I just had to experience it. I wish all landfills did something like this.

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when one of my kids let the feet drag on my pipes i always just sccarth it off with finger nail or some other type of plastic something so it dont sccarth the chrome try WD40 and a pad like scotchbrite/FINE steelwool

Paul Martin

I know, it is such a shame that developed countries are not doing as much as they should be to contribute to a greener world. There are over 24 billion bottles that are wasted each year, most of which go to the sea or oceans, threatening the lives of marine creatures.

David Rooney

This is a problem not only in the US but across the globe. I was just going through one of the articles before this that said even developing countries like Bangladesh and China are taking strict action against plastic usage by. Guess its time for the developed countries too to have that in place. Not only the US, the UK, Germany, Australia also need to take strict action. Anyways, good work LA council.

George Pepper

This is a very good initiative by the LA Council. I guess we've been getting educated enough about the harmful effects of plastics, yet hardly anyone acts. The only way this can be stopped is by government intervention. Hope other bodies get motivated by this and implement in their own territories as well.

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