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July 22, 2012


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mbt shoes canada ENVIRONMENTAL LEGAL BLOGS: From Ann Arbor.com: Generation X ambivalent about climate change, study shows


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No, it was an article about how much oil might still be left urnergnoudd and about how improvements in oil recovery technology could improve the yield from wells from its current value of 35% to something closer to half. Maugeri offers the opinion that this could make oil wells productive for a century, but that is not the same as recommending the continuation of an oil-based economy for that long. It is particularly not the same thing as Scientific American arguing for such a continuation. I've previously pointed out that you overlooked the acknowledgment that climate was important in the 6th paragraph of the article. Here's the crowning paragraph of the article, which it appears you also overlooked. Note the very last sentence (emphasis added):To be sure, by 2030 we will have consumed another 650 billion to 700 billion barrels of our reserves, for a total of around 1,600 billion barrels used up from the 4,500-billion to 5,000- billion figure. Yet if my estimates are correct, we will have oil for the rest of the 21st century. The real problem will be how to use the remaining oil without wasting it through unacceptable consumption habits and—above all—without endangering the environment and climate of our planet.Let's also not lose track of why we're talking about this article. You pointed to the current Lemonick article and its polls and you pointed to this oil article from a year ago, and on that basis accused Scientific American of going soft or selling out on climate change. Accusations like that should at least be based on strong pieces of evidence, not ones like this, which you seemingly haven't read very closely but are trying to cram into a narrative of betrayal. Meanwhile, your accusation ignores that SciAm over this past year has continued to publish many articles about the fact of climate change and the need for cleaner, greener energy.You can connect any two dots that you like, but that doesn't make the line that you draw real.


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Very good post. Made me realize I was totally wrong about this issue. I figure that one learns something new everyday.

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