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August 27, 2012


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That's an interesting idea, but I don't think that poeple produce the BTU's necessary to make any meaningful difference in the weather, even though there are a LOT of us. The science on global warming is questionable and inconclusive at best, though there seems to be good logical sense in drawing the conclusion that putting all these pollutants in the atmosphere is not a good thing. If you have ever been to LA, you can see the evidence of that very clearly in the thick layer of smog covering the city. Maybe we're nto going to have a melting ice sheet flooding the entire world, but the pollution itself is problematic.

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Going Vegan MIGHT. But trying to pedsuare everyone that they have to be vegan to be an environmentalist may have the opposite effect.How so? If people are unwilling to give up just too many things they will decide to ignore the whole objective.We still have to devise economic drivers to ensure that there will be water available to irrigate our dry lands after we annihilate the other animal species. If we just leave it dry, there will not be vegetation to consume the CO2.Well, perhaps the land will be covered with deer and rabbit, and wolves, but there will be no economic incentive to irrigate the land. And we do need that irrigation to continue if we are to stop global warming.So, we need a vision of how Vegan and increased irrigation will fit together if we do not need so many hectares to feed people.


you folks are all on drugs, entirely brnhwaasied. Climategate? all the emails of the false warming data? it's all a scam, al gore lives on 10,000 sq, ft ranch that burns more energy than you would your entire life. the earth goes thru cycles of warming and cooling. how would explain the past melting of glaciers during the ice age? this is all to redistribute wealth from our country to supposedly affected countries. global warming is a fad, a farce. I know I know, the earth flat too, heard it before.


EPA is the big one.Others would include Fish Wildlife Service, Forest Service, Corps of Engineers, Marine Fisheries, Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service.Plus state and local evanronmentil agencies make comments too.


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