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August 27, 2012



Thanks for your suggestion. I really appreciate that you took all this time to try and help us. Keep up the good work. Keep on taking action.

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As I told him the other night at a fundraiser for Rep. Barbara Lee, "At the rate you're going, they're going to make you a line item in the city budget


Unfortunately, sometimes we are at deftniie disadvantage when we have to work with a Fed or State Gov agency. It seems like you did all the right things and they don't want to hear it! I wonder if there is a Consumer / Service Provider advocate group for this that could offer you assistance? I'm sure you are not alone on this and your posting here was a great first step. I'll ask around and search and let you know if I come up with something. Hang in there!!


As far as my knowledge goes, U.S. hapnpes to be the biggest polluter followed by China. Mr. Gore's emphasis is contained within the U.S. whereas the Greenhouse Effect is a global issue. The scope of his organization and views should be expanded globally to see a positive impact in saving our future generations. It has to be a selection by need and not by choice which can make an impact worldwide. I am presently residing in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan where I can see limitless scope for renewable energy from Geo-Thermal, seven wind corridors in the Province of Balochistan and there is absolutely no dearth of sunlight/Solar Power. Mr. Al Gore Let me know if I can be of any help..Best regards


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