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September 04, 2012


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mbt casual ENVIRONMENTAL LEGAL BLOGS: Organic food no healthier than non-organic: study - Yahoo! News Canada

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I would still use a separate container for shampoo or just use the hotel's. I hope someone enjoys this tip as much as I did! I felt so smart with my tiny quart bag of stuff, and I didn't have to buy special travel sizes.


Adding worms to the dirt would make a great difference. Also, it needs lot of heat to grow. Perhaps a heat lamp would help? Place your plant pot on a sheet of foil and set it under an oaidnrry lamp or heat lamp whichever is availble to you keep it in a room temp of about 90, with the soil moist at all times. Was this answer helpful?

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I hear you. Everything sucks, and then you blog.
The end.


I have a small garden 30 yrds by 30 yrds. Two mini horess and some manure and shavings along with kitchen scraps and your typical composting matter. My ground is basicly black because im in the woods of Georgia. No clay earth . Well not much. Should I spread the already dried worn out shavings in the garden or just weed untill the end of the year and then spread it all at once. Iv found a new hobbie in composting and organic growning. Im just worried that I wont produce enough fruit. The garde spot was the home of all my horse waste for the pst two years. Maybe its ok. Just need some ideas

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If the last name rings a bell, it ought to. Her grandfather was renowned House Speaker Tip O'Neill.

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just got off accutane for the 2nd time, my skin is still bad! i mean the pimples are gone.. well most of them. but my pores are huge! and my skin just looks really bad.
ive tried everything

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just got off accutane for the 2nd time, my skin is still bad! i mean the pimples are gone.. well most of them. but my pores are huge! and my skin just looks really bad.
ive tried everything


We have a large backyard in our sotuehrn Illinois home, and I'm very interested in planting an ORGANIC vegetable garden. To say I don't have a green thumb is a huge understatement. I'll probably start off small, but I'd like to eventually have the following:Red PotatoesOnionsLettuceCabbageTomatoesGreen PeppersCeleryStrawberriesGrape VinesApple TreesBroccoliCucumbersGreen BeansPeasPumpkinsCornThese are the fruits and vegetables that my family consumes constantly and our grocery bill is OUTRAGEOUS. Plus I'm trying to become more responsible concerning chemicals pesticides so I'd like to do this as naturally as possible. We don't have many organic products to choose from in the stores around here, so I figure if I want to do this I'll have to grow my own.I don't know the first thing about gardening let alone organic gardening so I'm feeling overwhelemed and don't really know where to begin. Do you have some good advice or online resources that will help me get started? Also, any advice or resources on canning vegetables for the winter would also be appreciated. THANKS!!!!!!


I am sure that you are not an idiot. Gardening organically takes time and erofft but is worth it. I don't know if they still publish or not, but if they do; look for Organic Gardening magazine. It is produced by Rodale Press. Most of my gardening abilities were learned from that wonderful little magazine. In a nutshell, here are some ideas:Decide on the size and shape of garden you want and mark the corners with stakes.Either dig or rototill the ground to loosen it.Cover the ground with several inches of grass clippings, leaves, straw, etc and work it deep into the soil.Plant your garden using the spacing noted on the seed packages. As your soil gets richer through years of composting, you can cheat the plants closer together.As the plants come up, thin them to the correct spacing and keep them free of weeds.Mulch them in with leaves, grass clippings, newspaper, straw, etc to keep the weeds out and moisture in.Try to keep insects under control by picking them off by hand, using organic sprays, spraying soapy water on the plants, or by putting a handful of the culprits into a blender and mixing the paste with water and spraying it on your plants.Good Luck!


Hi Robert! I am also like yourself a Mission Marketer. If you look on the about page of this blog, as well as the home page, you'll noitce its not Jordan Rubin's Blog, but my own blog. I made it to share information about Beyond Organic so people can find what they need easy! God Bless you and thanks for checking out the blog!


Lush cosmetics is a bit exsnepive, but worth every penny!The bubble bars last a long time if you have jets in your tub. just use a quarter of one and puff them up with the jets for 4-5 minutes! i love big blue bath bomb! the seaweed is so detoxifying!Lush is such a good store as far as enviroment is concerned. They barley use packaging, and most products are vegan. If you use a solid shampoo bar it lasts longer then a bottle of shampoo and is better for the enviroment. and even if you do buy the shampoo there you can bring it back for recycling!Yay lush! =]


I agree that local is almost alyaws better. Unfortunately, we can't buy local red peppers in April in Toronto, or at least not organic ones, unless someone's been holding out about an organic hydroponic pepper grower that I haven't heard of. Agribusiness should be rewarded for growing organic, however, or else they will just keep dumping more chemicals on our food. I guess what I'm saying is that the occasional organic pepper from Mexico is a reasonable compromise as long as you're making a concerted effort to buy locally most of the time. It's not a perfect world, more's the pity.


local organic is prblboay always the best. some (FOE etc) believe and so do I that even though much of the positive environmental of buying organic produce from the other side of the world is lost by transportation it could work as a signal from consumers to the local producers that they want organic produce. far fetched? if the choice is between a toxin laden or organically grown banana even if it is from a far away country the choice is pretty obvious buying vegetables of the season is also important. an example: in winter in sweden buying tomatoes grown in the canaries requires a less energy than tomatoes grown in greenhouses in sweden. so if they are grown according to the same scheme the tomatoes from the canaries has a better environmental impact in spite of the long haul.this is prblboay the reason why one should aim for buying local produce that are in (their natural) season.


Consumers are inundated with orniagc claims on all manner of products and with frequent media stories surrounding the potential health risks and unknowns of anything remotely synthetic curiosity for orniagc products is at an all-time high with product sales skyrocketing. Celebrities and cosmetic companies are launching skin-care products labeled orniagc faster than you can say but is this really good for my skin?!


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According to public perception, organic food is the healthy option. Sales of organic produce have rocketed over the past few years with the organics industry sending out messages of safer, healthier food created by farming practices which are better for the environment.

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