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October 08, 2012


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Another classic example of loopholes of the law.In spite of the evident hazard or danger it caused, the culprit remained free because of the vagueness of a term.We need a very rigid and articulated laws for our environment.

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The Court must be responsible in weighing the coverage if it is undeniable or they have to be in-charge of this.

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The event was over quickly, and I went back to my reading


Way to go John! I too am perplexed at how all the poactiiilns are afraid to even mention Bio-fuel when discussing alternative energies. I will differ with one point in your disertation. I do believe that bio-fuels can the complete solution to our energy, food and economic problems. This can be achieved by creating very large economic and agfricultural zones specifically in South Texas and california for starters. This could be achieved by bringing huge amounts of water filtered from the ocean to these zones. This could also be a source of a continual source of revenue to our government while protecting our water supply from greedy and unscrupulous corporations that are trying to position themselves to control the supply. We could pre sign up customers which would make it easy to justify economically. Once the water lines are in place we culd then grow our way out of our fuel worries while creating thousands of good jobs and bringing our food supply back home. We could subsidize any one who owned any land down to a couple of acres for growing crops for ethanol production. This would greatly encourage private enterprises and allow people to use their land to make a living. This is all being demonstrated to us by our neighbors to the south (Brazil).

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