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October 15, 2012


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AND with luck , the most important lessons is that obligation starts at the very top. Thanks Randy in your many "its not necessarily my faught" as well as throwing people under the bus episodes. It's got taught the children many existence lessons regarding how not to act and how never to be a guy.

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Fragrant smoke swirled around people dressed in Ravens purple (with a bit of Oriole citrus flashing every now and again). Cars passing by ceased to listen since music shocked from sound system. It appeared to be a giant tail gate party and that is certainly what it had been, even if the Ravens had already overwhelmed the Cleveland Browns 2316 Thursday nights..

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we can improve the quality of our air

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Some have objected to what they consider to be the Stern show's degrading


Dear Repower America:It's very important that we coivnnce the public and the U.S. Government the importance of addressing and coming up with solutions to the global climate change. First of all, it is our collective responsibility as a human population to take care of our earth. We have a finite space on earth, there is so much oil, gas and coal to be extracted from the earth. With this in mind, and with statisticians having already calculated when the oil, gas and coal will be depleted (within the next 50 years), it behooves all of us to think of alternative ways to operate all of our machineries from cars to space shuttles within the next 50 years, if not earlier. This way we can reduce emissions, we can improve the quality of our air, lands, waterways and oceans. Imagine a world without having to use oil, gas, and coal anymore. We have brilliant engineers in this country, and their ideas, inventions should be patented, and manufacturing plants to build these non-polluting machineries and toys should go into effect NOW. With this, we create news homeland American jobs and we give Americans an opportunity to train and to learn how to build non-polluting vehicles, toys and machineries. The time is NOW to get working on this, right here in America. Let's make America Green. Let's make America a Green Economy that every American can be proud of. Thank you for listening!Regards,Katherine E. RiebeDenver, Colorado USA

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They did not use shims because the legs are not covered.

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